path of pathos
Phacelift mp3 Escape from Planet Weird +Dream Team (GR) 2011
Phacelift mp3 Rhythm Selector +Dream Team (GR) 2010
Phacelift mp3 Fantasy Land +Dream Team (GR) 2010
Magus remixes Egoes out rmx Headstick recordings (GR) 2005
Goa Trance Animalism/True Love Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2004
Path of Pathos album Candyflip records (GR) 2003
Encephalophagus Skogsra rmx Creamcrop records (DK) 2003
Candy The New You Candyflip records (GR) 2003
Interzone vol2 Vaca loca Interzone records (CHE) 2003
Frequent Flyers Peace Inside Uphonic records (NL) 2003
Etsi Obsession Candyflip records (GR) 2002
Outback Eclipse Time Devotion Exotic Native Records (AUS) 2002

New releases in 2010-2011

Previously unreleased Phacelift tracks on iTunes in 2011. The two latest tracks are 'Fantasy Land' and 'Rhythm Selector'. The latter is the last track made in the Phacelift studio and both are released independently online to download.

A new Magus album will be released in 2011 on iTunes and other online music download services. It will feature previously unreleased tracks from the years of the Magus era, re-mastered and offered as a bootleg. The title of the album is Magus - "The Music That Never Was"... More on the Magus Youtube channel.



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