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Latest downloads in 2010
Apart from the great free download section, you can now also download 2 newly released Phacelift tracks, 'Rhythm Selector' and 'Fantasy Land'.

Progressive trance news from talk prOgressive
You can now read the latest progressive trance news from talk prOgressive, a weblog with news, party information and reviews.

New psychedelic books section added
A brand new psychedelic books section has been added. Psychedelia is more than just sounds, parties and psychotropic substances. Check out some of the best books of the acid revolution era...

Unreleased Phacelift tracks available for download now
Preview downloads of the latest Phacelift tracks before they hit the record shops. The first track preview available for download is 'Rythm selector'. A new psy offering from the Disco Deaf studio. More tracks avalaible to download here.

Magus remixes compilation out now! Phacelift released a retrospective remix of a Magus track titled 'Egoes out' initially out on Flow records. The track is part of the forthcoming compilation 'Magus remixes', brought to you by Chris Tatitzikidis (Magus/Igneous Sauria/Vagua) and released by Headstick recordings. The artist list remixing some of Magus' best tracks features Man Made Man, Bigwigs, Genetic Spin, Sensient, La Baaz, Dj Seth, Bar Code and Chris' own Igneous Sauria. Magus - Oxymoron by Man Made Man is now available to download from the Headstick download page in full quality alongside many other goodies!

Phacelift - Path of Pathos Candyflip records releases the debut Phacelift album 'Path of Pathos'. The CD features 8 previously unreleased tracks from the Disco Deaf studio. This first attempt from Phacelift is an exporation into the psychedelic landscape ranging from a mellow groovy vibe to the harder and darker corners of the progressive psy trance sound.

talk prOgressive A brand new blog has been launched with up to date news, gossip, inside information, website changes, Phacelift and all things progressive trance. Check it out...

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