Path of Pathos

path of pathos

The Phacelift path

Path of Pathos album- Candyflip records (GR)

Track listing:

1 Path Of Pathos (07:09)
2 Re-Order (08:24)
3 The New U (07:27)
4 The Yippie Hippy Shake (06:19)
5 Synaestheasia (07:24)
6 Delay Lama (07:32)
7 Animalism (06:58)
8 Red Bass (06:10)
9 True Love (07:10)

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Phacelift - Path of Pathos The debut Phacelift album 'Path of Pathos' on Candyflip records. The CD features 7 previously unreleased tracks from the Disco Deaf studio. This first attempt from Phacelift is an exploration into the psychedelic landscape ranging from a mellow morning vibe to the harder and darker corners of the progressive psy trance sound. By testing new approaches and reaching new boundaries, Phacelift explores a new dimension in progressive trance without dismissing psychedelic elements, melodies and harmonies. A dance club presence combined with an open-air feeling makes this album an interesting listen.

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