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Audio recording equipment and software for electronic music production

After the introduction of super fast computers electronic music production has elevated to new heights. Using an array of effects, compression and equalisation software it is possible to synthesise, arrange and produce complete tracks without the help of a significant amount of external hardware.

Mac Pro G5 2.66 Quad Core Intel Xeon

My favourite piece of gear. Quality, great performance and superb design. Have to say that this machine is now 3 years old but still functioning as new. The greatest advantage of having a quad processor is that CPU use is split between audio and graphics, delivering seamless performance. Running Logic Audio sequencer, Peak wave sampler, Waves fx, Recycle and other audio software. This computer is optimised for audio recording and video production.

Logic Audio sequencer

The best professional music sequencer that money can buy. Outstanding quality of sound, performance and functionality at its best. Logic Audio is now Mac only but worth changing platforms if you haven't done so already. Would not change it for any other audio sequencer. Other audio software.

Alesis RA 300 amplifier

This beast delivers 90W RMS per channel (8 ohms), a total of 180W making it a powerful monitor driver for the studio. Great frequency response (10Hz - 70Hz), very quiet and cool design. My sound changed so much after buying this amplifier. Other amplifiers.

Iiyama 22' LCD Monitor

Very good quality 22 " monitor. Great colours and calibration. Other computer screens.

Spirit Absolute 2

Passive nearfield studio monitors with 90W per channel at 8 Ohm. Good frequency range, nice design and steady performance. Other monitors.

M-Audio Oxygen 8

MIDI controller keyboard with 8 fully programmable knobs + pitch and modulation wheels. Lightweight, compact design and powered by USB. Great for laptops and live performances. Other midi controllers.

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