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Headstick recordings is the progressive and psychedelic trance label from Thessaloniki, Greece. Label manager Christos Tatitzikidis has had a long successful career in the scene since 1996 when he co-founded Magus and then going solo with his personal projects Igneous Sauria and the latest Vagua. He had a string of releases in major trance record labels such as Dragonfly, Flying Rhino, LSD, Hadshot, Cosmophilia, Creamcrop, Candyflip, Flow, Databass, Uphonic, Resonoise, Digital Psionics and others. By launching his own record label Christos brings his unmistakable taste to the trance world he so much loves.

Headstick releases

Igneous Sauria - Skint (HDSTKCD001)

Opsis - The Man and the Machine (HDSTKCD002)

Drone - 23 Days (HDSTKCD003)

Magus remixes - Various artists (HDSTKCD004)

Headstick recordings presents 'Magus remixes' The artist list remixing some of Magus' best tracks features Man Made Man, Bigwigs, Genetic Spin, Sensient, Phacelift, La Baaz, Dj Seth, Bar Code and Chris' own Igneous Sauria. Phacelift is back with a retrospective remix of a Magus track titled 'Egoes out' initially released by Flow records. The track is part of the forthcoming compilation 'Magus remixes', brought to you by Headstick Digital.

Watch this space for links to trance record shops for all the Heastick releases.



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