The Teachings of Don Juan

A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Carlos Castaneda : the beginning

"A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting."

The most famous of the great authors books, as this is where the journey begins. A middle class American lands in a desert to meet an Indian sorcerer for psychotropic substance exploration.

Castaneda soon realises that their is a lot more to Juan Matus. then he originally thought and the shaman embarks on a journey to scare fear our of young Carlos.

The teachings are at first difficult to understand as the old shaman speaks in riddles and keeps his methods secret.

You can sense throughout the book that this is only an introduction to what is to come. The brief encounter of this book reveals little about the mystery of Juan Matus and his relationship with the author.

The mystical journey of Carlos Castaneda continues with Separate Reality, where the beauty of the words and the actions unfold and the reader is accustomed to the writing style. It is a lot later that you discover the full scale of the authors vision and experience.

  1. The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge - Carlos Castaneda
  2. Separate Reality - Carlos Castaneda
  3. Journey To Ixtlan - Carlos Castaneda
  4. Tales of Power - Carlos Castaneda
  5. The Second Ring of Power - Carlos Castaneda
  6. Eagle's Gift - Carlos Castaneda
  7. Fire from Within - Carlos Castaneda
  8. Power of Silence - Carlos Castaneda
  9. The Art of Dreaming - Carlos Castaneda
  10. The Active Side of Infinity - Carlos Castaneda
  11. The Wheel Of Time : The Shamans Of Mexico Their Thoughts About Life Death And The Universe - Carlos Castaneda
  12. The Witch's Dream : A Healer's Way of Knowledge - Carlos Castaneda


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