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Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary photoThe controversial Irish American writer, psychologist, Harvard University psychology lecturer and Berkeley professor who dedicated his life campaigning for psychedelic substances research. Well known for his books but also his famous catch-phrase 'drop in, drop out' which characterized the psychedelic decade of the 60's.

Apart ftom a very clever man, Timothy Leary was famous for being a prankster. He introduced psychedelics to several high-profile people in the USA at a time when the political situation was unfavourable of any experimentation or liberal theory.






Timothy Leary books and other writings

* Change Your Brain. Leary, Timothy. 1988. (ISBN 1579510175)
* Your Brain is God. Leary, Timothy. 1988. (ISBN 1579510523)
* Info-Psychology. Leary, Timothy. 1987. (ISBN 1-56184-105-6)
* Flashbacks. Leary, Timothy. 1983. (ISBN 0874774977)
* High Priest. Leary, Timothy. 1968. (ISBN 0914171801)
* The Politics of Ecstasy. Leary, Timothy. 1965. (ISBN 091417133x)
* Start Your Own Religion. Leary, Timothy. 1967. (ISBN 1579510736)
* Psychedelic Prayers & Other Meditations. Leary, Timothy. 1966. (ISBN 0914171844)
* The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Leary, Timothy and Metzner, Ralph, Alpert, Richard, Karma-Glin-Pa Bar Do Thos Grol. 1964. (ISBN 0806516526)
* The Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality. Leary, Timothy. 1957.
* Confessions of a Hope Fiend. Leary, Timothy. 1973.
* Mystery, magic & miracle;: Religion in a post-Aquarian age, (A Spectrum book). Heenan, Edward F. and Jack Fritscher, Timothy Leary. 1973. Prentice-Hall. (ISBN 013609032X)
* Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the Illuminati Wilson, Robert Anton and Timothy Leary. 1978. Pocket. (ISBN 0671816691)
* Changing My Mind Among Others. Leary, Timothy. 1982. Prentice Hall Trade. (ISBN 0131278290)
* Flashbacks. Leary, Timothy. 1983. Tarcher. (ISBN 0874771773)
* What Does Woman Want. Leary, Timothy. 1987. New Falcon Publications. (ISBN 0941404625)
* Info-Psychology: A Revision of Exo-Psychology. Leary, Timothy. 1988. Falcon Pr. (ISBN 0941404609)
* Game of Life. Leary, Timothy. 1989. New Falcon Publications. (ISBN 0941404641).
* Uncommon Quotes: Timothy Leary. Leary, Timothy. Audio tape. 1990. Pub Group West. (ISBN 0929856015)
* HR GIGER ARh+. Giger, H. R., with Leary, Timothy. 1994. Benedikt Taschen Verlag. (ISBN 382289642X)
* Chaos and Cyber Culture. Leary, Timothy and Michael Horowitz, Vicki Marshall. 1994. Ronin Publishing. (ISBN 0914171771)
* Surfing the Conscious Nets: A Graphic Novel. Leary, Timothy and Robert Williams. 1995. Last Gap. (ISBN 0867194103)
* Intelligence Agents. Leary, Timothy. 1996. Ronin Publishing. (ISBN 1561840386)
* Concrete & Buckshot: William S. Burroughs Paintings. Leary, Timothy and Benjamin Weissman. 1996. Smart Art Press. (ISBN 1889195014)
* The Lost Beatles Interviews Leary, Timothy (Afterword) and Geoffrey Giuliano, Brenda Giuliano. 1996. Plume. (ISBN 0452270251)
* Design for Dying. Leary, Timothy, with Sirius, R. U. 1997. HarperCollins Publishers Inc. ISBN 0-06-018700-X (cloth); ISBN 0-06-092866-2 (pbk.); ISBN 0-06-018250-4 (intl).
* El Trip de La Muerte. Leary, Timothy. 1998. Editorial Kairos. SPANISH. (ISBN 8472454088)
* The Delicious Grace of Moving One's Hand: The Collected Sex Writings Leary, Timothy. 1999. Thunder's Mouth Press. (ISBN 1560251816)
* Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out. Leary, Timothy. 1999. Ronin Publishing. (ISBN 1579510094)
* Politics of Self-Determination (Self-Mastery Series). Leary, Timothy. 2001. Ronin Publishing. (ISBN 1579510159)
* The Politics of Psychopharmacology. Leary, Timothy. 2001. Ronin Publishing. (ISBN 1579510566)
* Musings on Human Metamorphoses. Leary, Timothy. 2002. Ronin Publishing. (ISBN 1579510582)
* Evolutionary Agents. Leary, Timothy and Beverly A. Potter. 2004. Ronin Publishing. (ISBN 1579510647)
* Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality: A Functional Theory and Methodology for Personality Evaluation. Leary, Timothy. 2004. Resource Publications. (ISBN 1592447767)